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50DT in the time of Covid-19

We are delighted to be able to run 50 Dangerous Things Camp this summer, again from our wonderful base at Sun Hill Infant School. However - and you won't be surprised to read this - it's going to look a little different. We'll shortly be able to publish our full Covid-19 H&S and safeguarding policy, but in the meantime, as booking starts, there are a few key issues to clarify for you as parents and carers.

  • 50DT will be managed by Jules, supported by Denise and Caitie. Each of us will have a 'bubble' of up to 8 children, and we will all remain in our bubbles all day, each day.

  • As many of you know, Caitie and Denise are both teachers and both have been working in their respective schools throughout the Covid crisis and I am hugely grateful to them for agreeing to join us for 50DT this summer, after an exhausting spring and summer term.

  • We are only able to run TWO weeks of sessions, each 'week' comprising THREE full days.

  • Session One is Tuesday 11th - Wednesday 12th - Thursday 13th August.

  • Session Two is Monday 17th - Tuesday 18th - Wednesday 19th August.

  • In 'normal times', you can book as many days as you like, and they can be whenever you like. Because we need to 'bubble' this year, you can ONLY book a full three-day session, and I'm sorry but we won't be able to offer refunds if your child doesn't use all three days. We need to keep the same 8 children (or fewer) together each day to minimise the risk to the children and to us.

We will try to make the 50DT experience as close to 'normal' as possible, and if the government guidance changes in our favour, we will revert to our usual format. At the moment, our plan is to keep our bubbles away from one another and luckily we have loads of space to do just that. All children will get to participate in all our usual activities, but they won't be able to do it in the free-ranging way they're used to, and which we usually actively encourage.

If you are not yet registered with our online booking system, you will need to do so in order to book any sessions. Use this link:

If you are registered with the online booking system, and are a key worker, please get in touch with me asap so that I can prioritise your booking.

Here's to another muddy, wet, hot, scratchy, splintery, fiery, slimy, power-tooly summer...

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