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Online booking for 50DT - whoop whooooop!

I am so excited to announce that our online booking system is now up and running. This blog post has two purposes - to explain how to use the system and to thank its sponsors.

Play Learning Life CIC is a member of the Out of School Alliance, and earlier this year we entered its annual competition to win transaction-free online booking - and we won! Because we only run for a few weeks a year, it's never been economically viable to provide online booking, because it would cost PLL a percentage of each booking, and it would cost you, the customer, a percentage too.

However, thanks to Ayrmer Software, which sponsors OOSA's competition, we have a lifetime of transaction free online booking - you can see why I'm so excited about this! massive thank you to OOSA and Ayrmer, especially Charles and Nikki who have helped to set it up.

Now - to business. You'll need to register in order to use 50DT from now on. Click this link > Sign Up and you'll see this screen:


Complete your registration details and click Next and you'll be taken to the registration pages, where you can add details about each child, including medical information, their favourite activities and of course emergency contact details.

To book dates, go to your dashboard, which looks like this (right) and click on the Book now! button.

You'll then see all the dates available and can click to choose. I'm sorry, but if you're booking for more than one child, you'll have to book them separately.

Remember to add the dates to your basket and then view basket.

At the moment, we haven't set up online payments - because again, there is a surcharge for us, which one way or the other we'd have to pass on to parents. So for now, click to pay and choose internet payment and you will be invoiced in due course. Don't worry - your booking will be valid!

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!


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