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Now, that's what we call a


A 50 Dangerous Things party is a birthday bash with a difference.  For two and a half hours, we bring together the best, scrapiest, muddiest, burniest bits of our summer camp, and round up unsuspecting children to get involved.

Locations vary depending on the time of day, the time of year, the weather and the activities the birthday child fancies trying out.  Twilight 'After Dark' parties in the woods are marvellous in Autumn and Winter; in Spring and Summer, the wide open spaces offer freedom and fun.

All 50DT parties begin with a discussion about how we'll stay safe, then we get the fire going (ready to cook on later), build our shelters, put up the rope swings and collect our mud bombs.  There's still plenty of time to fit in

  • whittling sticks (for cooking on, or making bows and arrows or javelins...)

  • melting semi-precious metals on our fire, to make beautiful objets d'art

  • learning how to walk the slackline - next stop, the Grand Canyon!

  • practicing tool skills with our sharp, cutty, burny, real equipment

  • pond dipping (depending on location)

  • exploring the woods in the darkness with headtorches

Parties start at £220, depending on the location, and are fully insured.  The party leader is a member of the 50DT camp team and holds a current 1st aid certificate, enhanced DBS check and food hygiene certificate.  Parties can cater for up to 12 children, but we do require a couple of extra adults from the party 'group' to help children tie knots, attach bungee cords and so on.

We provide snacks for cooking on the fire (veggie / GF if required), personalised PDF invitations to circulate via email, all the partyware - and we even take it away and wash it up afterwards.  You provide party food (we can advise on perfect party picnics), a cake... and the guests!

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