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Easter 2018 - Brown

Easter 2018 was all about the brown, this year:

  • Mud

  • Chocolate

  • Sticks

  • Newts

  • Nail polishes

  • Dried insects

  • Mud.

Despite three dry days, the torrential downpours the previous week left our site looking like it was auditioning for Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Mud, mud, glorious mud. However, as always, our intrepid campers carried on regardless, and alongside creative dens, high level tree platforms, an inadvertent mud slide (sorry, Mrs O-J) and trying not to get accidentally Tarmacced into the Reception playground, we made artisan chocolates with a very special surprise inside, painted rocks, fingers and each other with the billions of nail polishes (including several browns - who knew?) donated to 50DT by the kind people of Alresford and planted flowers in potholes around the town.

Camp ran the week before the Infant school celebrated its 50th Anniversary, so we also helped tidy up the school grounds and (finally) erected a notice board for the Pond Area - Miss KS did this pretty much single handedly and we are very proud of her tenacity and focus.

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