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Dangerous Chocolate!

A top level 50DT Camp summit took place this week (in 50DT Denise's fab new kitchen), at which Plots Were Hatched. It's only two weeks until we kick off three days of Dangerous mayhem, with the 10th and 11th completely sold out and only 3 spaces (as I write) left for the 12th. Get in touch quickly if you'd like your child to join us!

Because it's Easter, there will be plenty of chocolate action and we've decided to get campers to make a short movie about their Dangerous experiences. There'll be plenty of time for the usual shenanigans, but we're going to try to encourage everyone to do some filming, directing or producing. Here's an outline of our plans:

Tuesday - on site all day

Setting up scenarios for filming - what this really means is everyone gets to try out their favourite activities whilst filming them: den building, tree climbing, fire lighting, cooking, pond dipping, juggling with chainsaws and so on.

We are also asking children to bring in pebbles to paint...

Wednesday - out roaming in the morning, back on site by lunchtime

We'll take the cameras out with us in the morning, and distribute our decorated rocks and engage in some guerrilla gardening - watch out potholes!

Chilling and filming in the afternoon.

Thursday - on site all day

It's our host school's 50th birthday very shortly so we are going to help show it off to its VIP visitors by primping the pond area - lots of tool use - painting, sawing and chopping and preparing a zillion marshmallow sticks. Also, creating posh chocolates on the fire and then working off the calories by parkour-ing around the site.

Oh - and editing our video!

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