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Yikes - only three more days to go!

L's face in the medium of dough, tomato and cheese...

Is it me, or is the Six Weeks' Holidays about six weeks' shorter than it used to be in the olden days? Sure, we pottered off to Italy at the start of the school hols, but I still can't believe we only have three more days of 50DT this year (unless I can persuade the team to do a couple of days in October half term...).

The main theme this summer has been water - once again falling from the sky, but mainly on our increasingly Heath Robinson-esque water slide, which now incorporates three pallets, a home-made car wash, a second hand slide, three tarpaulins, a slip 'n' slide and a length of damp proof course. We are almost - but not quite - reaching the bottom of the Infant School's hill.

We've also cooked some stonking stuff on the fire - scavenged fruit cobbler, damper bread, paella, pizza and the usual marshmallows, popcorn and sausages. Last summer's introduction of Opal Fruits* On A Stick has been very successful again this summer and we are proud to be helping raise a generation that calls them Opal Fruits, knows what a Marathon bar is and yearns for the time (way before they were born) when a person who liked a lot of chocolate on their biscuit would choose a Club.

Weather permitting, we're off to the Tip tomorrow to enjoy a week of building Unlikely Stuff out of Unfeasible Junk using Ridiculous Tools and Foolhardy Techniques. HURRAH!

*Opal Fruits are veggie :-)

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