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Well. Where did *that* summer go?

I must have blinked and missed the summer... perhaps it's a symptom of getting older, but this, our fifth summer of Dangerous Things, seems to have passed by in a flash. Now I'm back at my desk, getting on with my 'real' work and a job I've been meaning to do for years - update the 50DT website and begin a blog for it. I can't promise it will be frequent (or even regular) but a start has been made. In the coming weeks I'll upload a few images and stories from our three Summer 17 weeks, and also Easter 17.

Don't forget, if you're a 50DT parent, you can request to join our 'closed' Facebook page, where photos and comments are posted at the end of each day of camp.

Proof that it didn't rain *every* day this summer.

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