50DT camp is different...

Outdoors all day, every day

At 50DT camp, we spend all day playing outdoors, whatever the weather.  Based in a wonderful and diverse school grounds, children are able to roam freely and participate as much or as little as they like in our planned or spontaneous activities.

Dirt is good; So is risk taking

Risk and challenge are core to the 50DT camp offer.  We actively encourage children to push themselves physically, emotionally and intellectually.  We're there to encourage, support, advise - and to pick up the pieces if necessary!


Freedom... independence... resilience... fun
As childhood becomes increasingly structured and less spontaneous, we aim to reverse that - at least for a day.  Taking responsibility for their own health and safety, and that of their peers, our campers rise up to the challenge of 50 Dangerous Things!

SUMMER 2019...​


...is almost here!  

Get ready for 


Mud: guaranteed...


Stenches: woodsmoke / pond weed / tree sap / bogeynaise (don't ask)...

STICKS: "But I can't find a stick!"

POISON: campfire cooking...

INJURIES: bruises, bashesburns, bumps..

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